The Process

Step 1

Complete the application form to apply for debt counselling.

You must provide the following documents:

  • Copy of your identity book.
  • Proof of income (payslip) for three months.
  • List of all expenses (utility account, school fees, cell phone statement, etc.).
  •  Proof of address.
  • Proof of marital status.

Step 2

As soon as the application form has been completed, a financial assessment will be conducted to confirm that you qualify for debt counselling.

If your monthly expenses exceed your income, you may qualify for debt counselling. This will be calculated by deducting your total expenses, living expenses and debt commitments from your monthly income.

A detailed explanation of the process will be provided on your first consultation.

Step 3

After your affordability has been calculated and you have been registered for debt review, all your creditors will be notified of your application.

We will create a new payment plan according to your affordability which will be proposed to your creditors. The repayment plan will be made an order of the court.

Step 4

Your repayments and affordability will be revised annually.

Once all your debt has been repaid, you will be provided with a clearance certificate which implies that your credit record has been reinstated.

Why choose debt counselling?

When you are struggling to pay all your debt every month, or when you expect to do so soon, you should consider debt review as an option to protect your assets and prevent credit providers from taking legal action against you, which may cause severe damage to your credit reputation. Debt counselling may prevent this from happening.