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DebtHealth can help you gain control over your money

With less cash in hand South Africans need expert advice to curb the current credit crunch. The experts at DebtHealth shed more light on consumer-borrowing trends and debt repayments and provide ways to break free of this debt trap.

DebtHealth is a registered debt-counselling company supported by Kruger Wilkens Attorneys, a law firm with more than 20 years’ experience in debt restructuring. As a team DebtHealth and Kruger Wilkens Attorneys have been delivering great service and aim to provide tailor-made solutions to our clients based on individual needs.

DebtHealth firmly believes in educating their clients, ensuring that well-informed financial decisions can be made in the future, not making the same mistakes as before. This is especially the case in the current financial climate. Now, more than ever, consumers are set to tighten their purse strings as living costs continue to skyrocket.

With the recent increase of lending rates South Africans undoubtedly experience great financial strain. Consumers’ disposable income has considerably decreased over the past few years. Increased fuel prices and higher electricity rates contribute to financial shortfalls and consumers are constantly seeking short-term solutions to their financial constraints. This on the other hand has a devastating financial effect. The cost of servicing debt continues to increase while the purchasing power of money declines.

In the light of the above there still is hope. Consumers with expensive debt (high interest rates) can find financial relief by applying for debt counselling. DebtHealth believes that looking at finances sometimes needs a new mindset and fresh approach.

Dave Ramsey said, “You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you.

DebtHealth wants to help you gain control. We can do this as follows:

  • Help you manage your finances, cash flow, budget and debt.
  • Give you access to debt administration.
  • Assist in the rescission of negative credit listings and improve your credit scores.

Debt counselling may not only restore your credit reputation, but also give you back your human dignity and ability to dream again.

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