Debt ability

We believe that no one should feel alone when experiencing financial difficulties. Sometimes, looking at your finances requires a new mindset and fresh approach. We will assist you to take control and manage your finances, cash flow, budget and debt.

Debt administration

It happens often that some consumers are turned away when asking for debt support because of insufficient earnings. However, we believe that everyone deserves equal access to this type of support.

Credit health

Negative debt should not be the reason to stop dreaming about that new car, house or holiday. DebtHealth believes that every person deserves an opportunity to a better financial position and to turn a dream into a reality. Our services can be your answer to achieve that.

We accept that “life happens” and that financial circumstances can change because of this. It may severely damage your credit reputation with your name being listed at the credit bureau.

Our dream is to ensure that individuals who have experienced financial difficulty can overcome these setbacks. DebtHealth’s financial and credit experts want to inspire and assist every person who struggles with negative credit to regain access to the credit market. Just imagine the feeling of not being afraid of a bank, retail outlet or motor dealer questioning your credit report.

We take care of your credit health as follows:

  • Rehabilitation after sequestration
  • Rescission of judgements
  • Rescission of administration orders
  • Rescission of debt review

Credit providers nowadays have to conform to strict affordability guidelines. This causes distress among consumers who were used to previously getting their finance applications approved without fail.

DebtHealth understands the concept of credit and as objective outsiders we are in a perfect position to help lighten the stress and frustration of credit-related challenges. We also support you in the process of protecting your assets at all costs, e.g. your house and vehicle.

We assist in the rescission of negative credit listings at credit bureaus and aim to improve our clients’ credit scores.